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Is your business leaving money on the table by having a slow Website? Take a look at our metric’s on Pingdom to see the kind of speed and scores of our very own site Not only do we score A’s in all areas, our site loads under a second and averages around 850ms. That’s super fast.

How do I check the speed of our businesses Website?

Simple. Head over to, select the location nearest to where your current web Server is located and click Start Test. For example, Infusion IT’s Website is located in a data center in London so the nearest location is Sweden. I always recommend running the test several times and take the average as it can differ per test.

How does your Website compare? Give us a call today to see how we can speed things up.


A slow Website can really harm your business. According to surveys performed by, almost 50% of visitors expect a Website to load in under 2 seconds and abandon the Website in under 3 seconds. Google also uses Website speed as one of several 100 ranking factors. Now can you see why it is so important to have a fast loading Website?

So what causes slowness and how can it be fixed?

Many different factors can cause slowness. Some of which may be actually caused by your Web server. Here’s a few to get you started: –

  • Shared hosting – If your Website is sharing its space with 100’s of other Web sites you are throwing money into the fire. Each Website is fighting for resources on a single server, and it only takes one poorly behaved or badly coded Website to bring down the rest. Your £3 p/m shared hosting plan might sound great for your wallet, but in reality, you are likely to lose much more money in the long run. Infusion IT recommend a VPS for business-critical Web sites and Web applications.
  • Incorrectly configured Web server – A web server needs to be highly optimised depending on the type of Website / Web Application it is currently running. Installing a basic Web Server or using a generic Web server used by many Shared Hosting providers without any optimisations is a wasted opportunity. Infusion IT perform an audit on your Web server to ensure that it is configured for speed and security.
  • Poorly coded Website – According to, 76.5 million websites are currently running the WordPress CMS. WordPress is a fantastic platform and we at Infusion IT use it on our site and that of some of our customers but it MUST be optimised and built correctly. The cause of most WordPress slowness is due to poorly coded themes or plugins. Outside of the WordPress platform, poorly coded database queries and a poor coding practice can also cause significant slowness.
  • A web server in the wrong GEO location – If the majority of your customer base is located in the UK, you need a Web server also located in the UK – not the USA or Austraila. Having your Web server in the wrong country can be a significant cause of slowness, and it’s one of the first things we at Infusion IT look at when performing an audit.

Does your Website suffer from any of the above? Call our team at Infusion IT, and we can see how we can help.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is that little green padlock in your browsers address bar. It’s that little indication that your data is safe and everything is going to be ok. So why have one? Well, there really is no excuse since you can now get an SSL certificate free using Letsencrypt. The only issue that you might have is that not every Web host supports them and unless you have your own Web server you may have to go with a paid solution such as COMODO or Digicert.

What are the benifits of having an SSL certificate?

So what benefits does an SSL certificate give my business? Well, apart from the fact that having a green padlock in the address bar when a customer reaches your site is a sign of trust, it also encrypts information sent from your customers Web browser to your Website. A must if you are handling sensitive customer information such as credit card details or personal information. Another big reason to have an SSL certificate is due to Google using this information as an SEO ranking factor. A site with an SSL certificate will have the slight SEO advantage over a site that doesn’t. For that reason alone it’s worth the small investment.

I have an SSL certificate already but I’m not seeing the green padlock?

You would be surprised how many websites we stumble across with this exact same issue and believe it or not it’s  a simple fix. The most common cause of this issue is due to a resource or several resources being loaded over http rather than https (none SSL instead of SSL) such as images or java script libraries. Although it’s a simple fix, it can be time consuming locating the files and replacing them with the correct https versions.

What can Infusion IT do to help my business?

Whether you have an SSL certificate already but have the issue mentioned above or you need help installing a new SSL certificate, Infusion IT can find the right solution. Just give us a call or drop us a quick email and we can discuss your requirements.