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Google cache shows a 404 error. Will it hurt my rankings?

Google cache shows a 404 error. Will it hurt my rankings?

We’re sometimes asked by our clients about a specific issue that they have spotted within the Google Search Results for their Website. They inform us that when they click on the cached version of their page it takes them to a 404 error on Google’s cache page. They are obviously worried that this error maybe effecting their rankings, after-all a 404 error is bad right?

If your Website is working correctly and not returning any errors when you visit it directly, but you receive a 404 error when you check the Google cache, you have nothing to fear and your rankings will not be impacted. The 404 error is simply an intermittent yet common issue on Google’s cache servers and does not effect your rankings in the slightest. You will find that if you check back in a few days or weeks time, the cache will be updated and showing the correct snapshot of your website.

If you are concerned about any issues such as this and you would like a second opinion, feel free to contact on of our team and we will take a look for you.