Why should my Website have an SSL Certificate?

Why should my Website have an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is that little green padlock in your browsers address bar. It’s that little indication that your data is safe and everything is going to be ok. So why have one? Well, there really is no excuse since you can now get an SSL certificate free using Letsencrypt. The only issue that you might have is that not every Web host supports them and unless you have your own Web server you may have to go with a paid solution such as COMODO or Digicert.

What are the benifits of having an SSL certificate?

So what benefits does an SSL certificate give my business? Well, apart from the fact that having a green padlock in the address bar when a customer reaches your site is a sign of trust, it also encrypts information sent from your customers Web browser to your Website. A must if you are handling sensitive customer information such as credit card details or personal information. Another big reason to have an SSL certificate is due to Google using this information as an SEO ranking factor. A site with an SSL certificate will have the slight SEO advantage over a site that doesn’t. For that reason alone it’s worth the small investment.

I have an SSL certificate already but I’m not seeing the green padlock?

You would be surprised how many websites we stumble across with this exact same issue and believe it or not it’s  a simple fix. The most common cause of this issue is due to a resource or several resources being loaded over http rather than https (none SSL instead of SSL) such as images or java script libraries. Although it’s a simple fix, it can be time consuming locating the files and replacing them with the correct https versions.

What can Infusion IT do to help my business?

Whether you have an SSL certificate already but have the issue mentioned above or you need help installing a new SSL certificate, Infusion IT can find the right solution. Just give us a call or drop us a quick email and we can discuss your requirements.